About Us

About us


“Club La Marina” was founded in 2001, and is located at Dbayeh, on the littoral of North Metn, 15 km far from Beirut International Airport and just a few minutes away from the center of the capital.

The promoter, Mr. JOSEPH KHOURY, and the international town planner, RICARDO BOFILL, have chosen one of the best parcels of the site to build the club. The summary study of the CLM has been undertaken by one of the most renowned architecture offices of the country, and the development achieved by the S.N.E (Société Nationale d’Entreprise). The CLM comes in the form of a luxurious building made up of seven thousand and five hundred square meters (7500 m2), spread over four floors and having access, as well as a sumptuous view, to La Marina Joseph Khoury.
Made up of an incomparable architectural design, it offers shareholders very luxurious surroundings, and an optimal quality of life. Joining luxury to authenticity was the promoter’s aim. The club offers a wide series of various activities, ranging from sauna, steam rooms, day-care nurseries, gyms, body building rooms, to a heated pool, a large hall for the youth (videos, games, a billiard room, a card playing room, halls with audiovisual equipment, and an entire floor dedicated to all sorts of social activities, the whole thing bordered with a spacious terrace offering a view over the MJK, a hall with a panoramic bar which can, if necessary, be used for big receptions given by the shareholders, and finally, a movie theater that can hold up to fifty persons.

Two sorts of shares have been proposed for sale:
Share A: Allowing access to all the family
Share B: Allowing access to a single person

It has been agreed that every shareholder at the CLM will have access to the MJK during a period of twenty five years renewable. The access to the MJK is considered as a right of use granted to the shareholders of the CLM and not as a shareholding system. The management is taken in charge by a board of directors elected for a period of 3 years, and the board members share the different commissions on which depends the good management of the club.